Companion Animal Recuse Endeavor is our local philanthropy. This is an animal hospital and shelter in Tallahassee. The sisters of Delta Nu Zeta volunteer by walking dogs, visiting the shelter to interact with cats, and by doing various fundraisers throughout the year that donates the proceeds to C.A.R.E. For example, last fall we held a "Puppies and Pumpkins" photo-shoot on Landis using C.A.R.E.'s adoptable animals and charging for pictures. This alone was a big help for the shelter and we continue to enjoy serving them throughout the year. 


As well as our philanthropy, we participate in the following community service activities that are popular on FSU campus. 

  • Dance Marathon

  • Light the Night

  • Relay for Life

  • Tallahassee Adopt-A-Street 

  • DNZ's Reindeer Run 

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